Friday, May 9, 2008

Aeric & Atina Legacy Chapter 1.2

When last we left the Aeric and Atina legacy, Atina was watching her son ask to be picked up.

Bastion went off to play - and none too soon, because Atina went into intense labor. Good thing Bastion was distracted.

Atina: This frick-hicken-doodly HUUUUURTS!
me: oh, but look at the completed painting - Nice job, Atina.
Atina: Go to Hell!

Meet Braxton Irwin. Such a cute little guy.

Hey! It's Bastion's birthday! Happy Birthday glowing kid!

Wowe! Nice wet suit, Bastion!
Bastion: I'm a real boy!

Bastion promptly heads for the bathtub to play pirates in his snazzy new wet suit.
(which we will never see again - yoink!)

Before long, Bastion's square-ness genes kick into play.
He autonomously reads and does his homework.
(I don't know where he got that from!)

But the cuteness always greets his daddy when he comes home from work.
I think it's so sweet!

Aeric and Atina like their woohooing!
Carry on, then!

That's right Bastion, you just ignore those noises and finish your breakfast.

You almost forgot there was a kid named Braxton, didn't you!?
Aeric gets his play time in with Braxton.

me: Aeric, do you need a lesson on how to hold a baby?
Aeric: I'm just getting GOOD look at the fruit of my loins.

It's Braxton's birthday! He's ready for toddlerhood!

Braxton BURSTS into being a toddler.

So you see what all that woohooing gets you! Atina is pregnant again.

She didn't get sick with the previous two kids - but she won't stop throwing up with this pregnancy.

me: yowsers! What did you eat!?
Atina: I’m eating for two, okay? *sob*
Me: yeah, and throwing up for two, too! Yuck!

She's thinking of blaming Braxton, but honey, this was all you!

Atina plays with Braxton - I love the giggles the kids make when they get tickled

My first lightening fire! Bastion comes a runnin' to check it out.

He's so excited about seeing lightening, he tells the tale to Braxton: And then it was like, BAM, and there was a fire, and I felt the hairs stand on my arm!

It's time to bid farewell for now to the Aeric and Atina legacy. When next we join up with them, Atina will have the THIRD child and we will follow this family into teen-hood!

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