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Aeric & Atina Legacy Chapter 1.4 Vacation Time

Welcome back to the life and times that is the Aeric and Atina Legacy! Let's catch up, shall we?

Aeric and Atina met in college, were married on the first day out of college and were pregnant immediately (all a part of my sinister plan to have a legacy). They have three children: Bastion, Braxton and Belle. Aeric works in the paranormal field - so very hush hush. Atina works in Natural Sciences (I think). Both excell in their jobs.

When we last left this dynamic family, Belle was a toddler and ready to grow up! So we start where we left off:

Belle's birthday. Bastion is a family sim and eager to help out while Atina watches the fiasco unfold. Looks like this one hurts a bit!

Ouch! I don't think your arms are supposed to do that! Way to go, Atina, rush in and help!

Belle: do you remember when I was a baby?

Bastion loves his drums - wished for them in his panel for days and days and finally the family could afford it. Braxton dances his heart away.
Bastion: *bam* *dah* *bang* *chsh*
We need a garage!

Oh, woops! Totally didn't see this one coming!

Braxton grows into a brooding teenager.

Bastion: yom! yom! yom!
Braxton: CHEW your food, dude!
Belle: Vegetables! ewe!

You're a teen now, and there's no gardner, so the weeds need to be pulled.
Isn't Braxton a cutie-patootie?

And how is Bastion spending his Saturday morning? Why, working out, of course. He has a few little girlie friends and has to be buffed up for them.
me: You show that punching bag, Bastion. I'm moving on...

It's like 6:00 a.m. and Belle was in the garden pulling weeds. What a good girl!

So how do Aeric and Atina spend their free time? Gardening, of course! We, I mean, they want to see what the wishing well can do for them.

A-hem, you better rank them high, Bee-awches!

Woot woot! Atina now has a few more friends so she and Aeric can get promoted.
Atina: we don't like meeting people the old fashioned way. Talking to people and being nice - it's just not for us.

Oh, Bastion has one of his girlie friends on a date. This is Mallory Kosa-whatever. She seems taken by his buffed up bod!

Mallory: Some enchanted evening . . . tum, tee, tum, tee, tum, tum
Bastion: I don't think those are the words.

Bastion: you *kiss* looked so *kiss* hot *kisssss* singing
Mallory: I . . . . . need . . . . . to . . . . . breath!

BIZARRO WORLD!! Atina faces her Bizarro World self: Tina! (created for my PAS work group) Very Twighlight Zone-ish.
Atina: you look very familiar to me. . . .
Tina: yeah, like in the mirror, eh? Only I wear glasses and you don't. And I'm way better than you, too!
me: SLOW down there, you two! Sim Godess, the REAL deal Tina is WAY better than both of you! (tee hee hee)

Atina: What do you think, now, Sim Godess Tina!? Who's the best now!? Me, right?

Braxton strikes out with whoever this flat nosed chick is.
me: Don't you worry, Braxton, Sim Godess Tina has someone special prepared for you.
Braxton: yeah right

Meanwhile, Bastion has no problem scoring points with the ladies. He sure seems like a romance sim rather than the family sim he is.....

Belle's birthday! Let's try not to dislocate any limbs, this time.

Belle: oh, my feet are on fire with pink flames. . . . ooooo, pink flames, pretty!
uh, Belle, grow up already!

Atina: *gasp* Isn't it exciting, my daughter just became a teen!
me: *sigh* what was that you were saying about being better than me? Tell me that you realize you are in the bathroom and nowhere near the birthday girl!

Vaction to the Orient
Braxton: Maybe I'll meet some cute girl

me: Are you kidding me? Atina, what are you waiting for? Get in the cab.
oh, isn't Belle a cute teenie-bopper?

That's right, sweet pea, grab your bags and let's get going.

Atina and Aeric enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Aeric: I can't believe I'm getting on this helicopter I booked for us....doh!

Atina: this helicopter is so LOUD!
Braxton: I know! Seriously, I think I'll stand here and bitch about it instead of getting in.
Atina: me too, cuz it's really loud and it's hard to concentrate on getting in to the helicopter, because it's just too loud to get in. . .
me: *head on desk* DO WHAT I TELL YOU TO DO, DAMNIT! stop bitching and GET IN THE HELICOPTER! jeeeesh!

Ah-oooooom. Aeric learns the art of teleporting
(hey, that's my super power of choice!)

Atina, Belle and Braxton are enjoying a nice game of Majong
Braxton: what do you mean I need a girl friend? Do you have any teen friends you can hook me up with?

Atina: I wish . . . for enough money to pay for this vacation

That's right, take that! Sim Godess Tina rocks!
oh, wait, that was out of my control. But we paid for the trip.

Braxton makes a wish and bees chase him through the garden instead.
me: Stop wishing for a girl friend. I told you: I'll hook you up!

Oh, isn't this so sweet? The couple are still filled with cheese after three kids. That's right! Even my sim self is in love with her sim-Aeric!

Braxton enjoys some dish . . . I don't remember what he ate, who cares, anyway?
At least he knows how to hold his chop sticks.

Aeric: that's right, I'm the man! I teleport wherever I go - walking is stupid.

Atina greets the wise old man in hopes of hearing the tale of some old legandary couple.

Okay, well, here's where we end this tale. When we join the family next, we'll catch the end of the vacation, Bastion will go to college (followed closely by the others).
Belle: Peace, Sim Godess Tina!
Me: I love this girl!

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