Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cha 3.1 The Cordial Grim

Aeric and Atina Legacy
Oh my gosh, can you believe it? So I've been kinda cracked out on Animal Crossing so my poor poor simmies have taken a back seat to that dominating and time-demanding game. But I finally did hear the little voices of my sims calling me back to the game I love to play. So it's back to the Atina and Aeric legacy to see how things are going:

I got this shot right as Atina was teleporting out of the room...caught in the act. It's like she's walking on the ceiling.

Christina has returned from college for this little legacy family photo op.

As usual, I put the heir to marriage immediately. No time to waste when it comes to creating the next generation.
Mallory: Well as the heir, Christina will inherit all your money when you go.
Aeric: I'm never dying! NEVER!
Atina: Why are we talking about this today of all days?
Christina: *stare*

Here comes the bride.
me: Um, Atina, have you even moved your hands since you left the living room?

The "I do's"

The ring exchange

The kiss

The congratulations

The new Mr and Mrs Irwin
Johnston: Irwin? what?
Christina: Oh, I didn't tell you? Yeah, we're keeping my name.
Johnston: *stare*

Bastion and Mallory - happy to have married off their heir daughter.

The cake cutting and a bit of swooning, apparently

Christina: here, take this!
Johnston: mfph

The token fireworks

The wedding night - and that's that.

NOW - get to baby making.

*jaw drop*
me: I knew this moment would come, but on the day of celebration?
Grim: when else would I be here?
Grim: Atina, I dub you my next victim.

Grim: You, Atina, have been chosen to participate in the next leg of the journey.

Atina: what? How was I chosen? What journey?

The lone mourner. Sad, but true.

Grim: I've already packed your bags for your journey
Atina: *GASP*
Abigail: *hoooowwwwllllll*

Atina: Well, as long as I have my pina coladas.........I's okay

The rest of the family finally mourns.
me: Johnston, you didn't even know her....

Christina: *sob* *sobbity* *sob-sob-sob*

Aeric mourns in quiet.

Atina made a wonderful Sim-Me - and I'm sad to see her go.
Sign: Cancer
Status: Elder - 82 days old
Aspiration: Family
Turn On: Cologne/Perfume
Turn On: Fitness
Turn Off: Facial Hair
Job: Natural Science - Retired
Lifetime Want (LTW): Reach Golden Anniversary (X)
College: Biology Degree Completed
Hobby: Tinker
Badge: Gardening = Gold; Robotics = Gold; Fishing = Silver
Sloppy/Neat: 6
Shy/Outgoing: 3
Lazy/Active: 6
Serious/Playful: 4
Grouchy/Nice: 6

Atina's grave is the first.

Christina: *barrrf* I wonder if I'm prego? I mean, could I get prego from one time?

Christina - pop #1.
me: I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the answer to the question is YES.

Aeric achieves the gold badge in toy making.

Christina: I totally, like, did it. You know? woohoo? have sex? That's how I got prego.
Aeric: At the dining room table? really?

Pop #2 (and a makeover)

I almost missed it! Seriously! I would have been SO mad!
Sim-Aeric and the Grim have their meeting.
Aeric: Awesome! All the pina coladas I can drink - with real booze, right?

Aeric: Suh-weet! ....get my bags...and let's get this going.

Grim: this way, then, sir.
me: wow, so cordial. who knew?

Grim: all we have left to do is fade away...follow me.

Aeric Stats:
Sign: Virgo
Status: Elder - 82 days old
Aspiration: Knowledge
Turn On: Makeup
Turn On: Black Hair
Turn Off: Stink
Job: Paranormal - Retired
Lifetime Want (LTW): Max Out 7 Skills (X)
College: Physics Degree Completed
Hobby: Science
Badge: Gardening = Gold; Toy Making = Gold; Fishing = Gold
Sloppy/Neat: 9
Shy/Outgoing: 2
Lazy/Active: 6
Serious/Playful: 3
Grouchy/Nice: 5

Grim: the final detail - the will...

Grim: WHAT?!
me: you've never been this nice to any of the others!
Grim: I like him, okay!? Got a problem with that?
me: No, I guess not, it's just strange to see you so nice, that's all I'm sayin'

Mallory: yoo-whoo! I just reached the top of my carear path and you're sitting there having a casual conversation with the GRIM! LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!

And the cemetary grows.

Sad Christina.
Christina: my grandpa Aeric taught me how to walk and he helped with my birthdays. I'm gonna miss him.

So, I'm having a tough time enjoying our robot who always has "do chores" in her que which trumps out EVERYTHING I send her to, it's time to say good-bye.
Mallory: see you Bastion!
me: LOL! Nope....wrong again.

Christina: oh my gosh, I think it's time! Yay!

Mallory: just move little to the left.....

Johnston: *chillin'*
Random guy: What am I doing here?
me: yeah! What ARE you doing here? who are you? GTFO!

Christina: oh! it hurtssssssss!
me: tee hee hee! my preciousssssss! LOL!

Gollem: She's making fun of usss, Preciousssss, yess she isssss.

Christina: Generation four is here....

Meet Dylan Irwin
He has all of Johnston's coloring, but Christina's eye color.

Mallory: I'm a grandma and I look totally young! I rock!

Mallory: And this baby rocks!
Johnston: I'm a dad! woot woot!

Johnston: hi, Dylan! I'm your dad and we're gonna be pals
me: pals? What is this? 1954? golly gee whiz, Beaver.......

Well, I guess it's good to see him enjoying his baby, right?

Christina's stats:
Sign: Sagittarius
Aspiration: Popularity
Turn On #1: Formal Wear
Turn On #2: Logical
Turn Off: Unemployed
LTW: Become Captain Hero
Degree: Biology
Hobby: Nature
Sloppy/Neat: 0
Shy/Outgoing: 8
Lazy/Active: 10
Serious/Playful: 10
Grouchy/Nice: 7

I don't have Johnston's stats...but next time I will...and it won't be as a long a happy simming for all!