Saturday, June 21, 2008

University Generation2 Year1

Well here we are at Simmington University (I know, not real original). We have the heirs for the three legacies attending together.
From the Aeric/Atina Legacy, we have Bastion.
From the Evan Legacy, we have Faith.
And from the Sandy LisonB legacy, we have one of my favorite sims, Esther.

Joining them now is one of Bastion's high school girlie friends, Mallory What's-It.
Remember her?

The four move into a dorm to begin their college life. But what would college be without the classic "bubble blower"? (more like "mind blower")
Mallory: I'm floating!
Faith: I wanna float! Get it? float?

Esther is a studious individual. She always has: 'complete homework', 'write term paper' and/or 'make deans list' in her wants panel. And she doesn't gripe when I send her to study. Love her!

Esther: . . . the poem 'O Captain! My Captain!' was written by Walt Whitman who was moved to write it after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln . . . .
me: see? smart!

But just like all coeds, Esther joins the ranks of bubble blowers and gains some friends and fun points.
Esther: *giggle* I feel light as a feather and stiff as a board
me: what? okay, you just crossed into creep-me-out.

Faith writes her term paper. She, too, doesn't mind doing her homework.
Faith: The concept of "world religion" is historically based on a subjective perception of temporal or theological importance, usually from a Western, "Christian" (or at least "Abrahamic") perspective.
me: oh, this girl is too much.

Bastion studies in his dorm room. He likes the sciences and is leaning toward making it his major.
Bastion: In chemistry, a molecule is defined as a sufficiently stable electrically neutral group of at least two atoms in a definite arrangement held together by very strong chemical bonds.
me: *yawn* I got: "in chemistry" blah, blah, blah. I'm getting bored with these heirs.

Mallory NEVER has anything education related in her wants panel. She's a bit of a ding bat. But she has good genes, so she's here.

Esther acknowledges my request that she call her mother.

Like I said, she always looks up at me when I tell her to call someone.

More skilling by Bastion.
Bastion: I want mechanical skills. I won't need them now, but when I have my own family I'll want to take care of them.
me: silly family sims.

me: What are you doing, Mallory? I'm sure you haven't completed your term paper.
Mallory: I'm just sitting here. I won't autonomosly do anything, so until you direct me, I'm sitting on these lips and waiting for Bastion to get me.

Well that may take a while.
Bastion and Esther make a snowman together.

Esther: the bottom needs for solid snow.
Bastion: like this?
Esther: pack it in tighter at the bottom.

Bastion: you're not doing it right. You're supposed to use the joy-sticks.

Finally after most of the afternoon, I decide it's time for Bastion and Mallory to re-make acquaintances.
It didn't take much to remember that little spark from high school.

Faith and Bastion eat breakfast together before class.
Faith: I don't wanna ever learn how to cook. I'm blond and gorgeous and incredibly smart, so cooking will be done by a maid or something.
Bastion: hmmmmm, well, I'm a family sim and I always think of getting engaged, and having kids, and grandkids and so on.

I love this: Faith holding back a gag reflex as she sees some random coed climbing the stairs.

The heirs head out to the gym for some much needed body points.

Bastion takes advantage of the fact that Emily Bertino, aka: secret society jacket means 'be my friend', and recounts the Dragon Tale.
Bastion: . . . . and the evil bandits made off with the fair young maiden in their arms. Little did she know that fate would bring her the greatest wish she'd ever wished for. . . . .
Emily: *gasp* mental note: Bastion is now my friend.

One great thing with Mallory is, when she joined the crew, she already had a few friends and wouldn't you know it? Two of them are secret society members, so Bruce, here was the third.
Bruce: so you see, the rocket lands in a special landing bay . . .

Llama Boy: cluck, cluck, cocka, cluck, a doo...
Mallory: what the . . . .

Mallory: ewe...not so tight
I'd love it if she was a romance sim, she might like the extra tight handcuffs; but she's not, so she's not happy about them.

Llama Boy: into the limo. Watch your head.

Mallory's two friends: Emily Bertino and Nicole Charvat are at the Secret Society Castle to greet Mallory.
Emily: *jump* *jump* *jump*
Nicole: *clap* *clap* *clap*

Mallory: This jacket is kinda cool, but what other prizes do you have?
That is a secret to be revealed at another time.

Freshman Photos!
Mallory What's-it, Bastion, Faith and Esther

Mallory What's-it, Bastion, Faith and Esther

This ends freshman year for the heirs. Next chapter will include the remaining sibling (minus Belle) and the continuation of these four in their college life to prepare them to carry on the legacy.

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