Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gen2 Yr6 Belle Graduates

Didn't we just leave this joint? Well, all the other's have moved out and are getting married and having babies. It was time for Belle to get a little place of her own. Let's help her through her senior year of University.

The new house. You can see the HUGE place in the background where everybody USED to live. It was just too big.

Max Flexor and Belle enjoy a good game of SSX Tricky.

Max: So, it's raining outside.
Belle: Yup. So why'd you bring me in here?
Max: Well, I have this great idea. . . . . We should totally make out!

Belle: OKAY!

Mission-Makeover continues with some chick I can't remember.

Lovely! Just lovely!

Belle thinks really hard.
Belle: HEY! I'm just scratching my forehead.
me: yeah, and concentrating really hard.
Belle: well it's hard to know how to start your term paper. My whole grade rides on th is paper, so it's gotta be good.

Belle and Max spend a lot of free time making out.
Max: you bet we do. Hey baby!
Belle: shut up and kiss me!

Belle: being a senior is hard~! ::whine::
Seriously, she gives me this face evertime she does her homework. She's never struggled through school and homework like this until now.
(minus, of course, when Sim Goddess Tina forgot to send her to her final during freshman year)

Belle: Clean the shower? Love to!
me: you like to clean, eh? You are so your father's daughter.

Max: you're home cooking smells so good. I scarfed down my spaghetti!
Belle: uh-oh, pasgetti-oh! tee-hee-hee

Belle and Max gettin' jiggy after dinner.
Belle: dancing is great excersize. Too bad we don't get to build body points while we dance.

Max: I want into your family. I think we'd make cute babies.
Belle: Take your hand away. I have to think about this. Babies? Everybody is having babies. I might want to focus on my career.

Belle: Clean the sink? Oh boy, can I?

Virginia Chalmers is stalking Belle. She's always visiting, eating food and napping on the couch.

Virginia: ::nap::

Virginia: What the french!? This isn't my dorm!
me: nope, it's not, but help yourself, you free loader. And don't look so shocked!

Belle: peace, Sim Goddess Tina. Did you see my snowman?
me: nice job. Is he being a gentelman and greeting me too?
Belle: yes he is! So there's this song I learned:
Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman
Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman
Tall, tall tall.
In the sun he melted, melted, melted
In the sun he melted, melted, melted
Small, small, small.

Max and Belle.
me: Max, I fear your genes. Look at that nose and that jaw line.

Belle graduates.
me: Congratulations!
Belle: Thumbs up for me!

Belle's yearly portrait.

Graduation Party
Thanks for ordering pizza. you know what? I wish I was eating eggs
Belle: are you serious?
Black hat: ::clap:: ::clap:: You are such a bitch! I love it!
Max: dance to the music!

Belle: Wowe! Faith, girl, you STANK!

Time to grow up and kick this place to the curb.

Belle grows up into an adult.

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