Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cha 2.3 Nooboo

When we last visited the Sandy LisonB legacy:
1. Esther & Neil got married
2. Ian got abducted by aliens
3. Esther got pregnant with a honeymoon baby
4. Sandy & Ian took a little vacation to the ocean

Neil: Four!
me: Watch where you're kicking that ball. I can make or break you, you know.
Neil: I yelled four.
me: wrong sport, Sport.
A science club captain, or chairperson, or president, or something, interrupts whatever Ian was doing to greet him.
Super Science Spaz: velcom to ouur cluub. Youur uuneeform is not neceessary.

Remember when the family was all together?
Just thought I'd remember the young and vibrant family.
Okay, back to the current family.

Esther: . . . . . uh . . . . . Mom?
Sandy: zzzzzzzzzz
Esther: you know, Mom, if you drown in your food, it's gonna cost money to go to the hospital

Esther: oh, good morning, Sunshine!
Sandy: what? where am I? nobody saw that, right?
me: Wrong.

Ian visits the Science Clubhouse
Ian: bpfooooof
me: what are you doing?
Ian: speaking with the ants
me: do they have a language?
Ian: Uh, yeah. Antish? You've never heard of it?

Ian practice medicine on a dummy.
me: Ian, you would have made a nice doctor.

Ian: is this horse supposed to be inside?

Ian: let's just put it back inside, pretend that never happened.

Aren: I wanna see aliens.

Aren: here, alien, alien, alien

Aren: I wanna see ants. *tap* *tap* *tap*
me: don't tap too hard on the glass or the ants will get you.
*note to self: have Aren shake the ant farm to see what happens*

Esther paints her Legacy Portrait.

Esther: being pregnant sucks! you get funky cravings!
me: what are you craving, now?
Esther: Balony. It's spelled like bowl-aug-nuh. How is that buh-lone-ee!?
I don't even like BOL-OG-NA but I'm craving it!
me: dude, your hormones are too fun to play with.
*note to self: help Esther decide she wants another kid after this one*

Ian reads the science page in the paper.
I wanted to see if the paper had different pages for different sections, but it doesn't.

Esther plays football
Esther: it's soccer in the United States, Sim Goddess Tina.
me: :o

oh, sad! I forgot the little fishies.
They're dead and all floating at the top.

Esther: my back has the worst kink in it!
me: I think that's labor
Esther: *enter expletives here*

Esther: hey you, in there, GET THE OUT OF THERE!!! GTFO!

Ian: what's taking so long? Hurry it up, will ya?
me: uh, Ian, beware the wrath of Pregnant Esther

Aren: OH-EMM-GEE! This is HOW human babies are born!?

Sid: Humans ARE disgusting!
me: can it, Sid.

Welcome Aribeth Gonzaga

Aribeth stats:
sign: Sagittarius
Neat: 3
Outgoing: 4
Active: 10
Playful: 10
Nice: 7
So a little slobbish, but great to be around.

Neil: Hey, Red Robe Purple Cravat, who do you think you are?

me: exacatatly, I mean, exactly!

Neil: Hi Aribeth! Nooboo! Aren't you the cutest?
Esther: what the?

Sandy: It's a BABY! a BABY!!

Neil: bvbvbvbvbvbvbv
Aribeth: *giggle*

Neil: Nap time, little one.

Neil: I love my daughter...I wait with bated breath to respond to every UNseen need.

Neil: have a bottle.
me: you are a nervous daddy, I can tell.

Neil: blbv blbv blbv
Aribeth: *giggle*

Neil isn't the only one waiting with bated breath,
Aren LOVES Aribeth.

Esther: we've got a babysitter so I'm gonna kick your ass!
Neil: I'd like to see you try.

Neil: woohoo! One point for me!
Esther: *calmly sits there*

Esther: told you I'd kick your ass!
Neil: how dare you!

Cute little Aribeth

Esther gives Aribeth a bath.

Aren takes a bubble bath.
me: soothing, eh?
Aren: bubbles, bubbles-bubbles-bubbles.

Ian: I see you, Sim Goddess Tina.
me: I see you, too.

This is a good place to end this chapter. Next week, Aribeth will grow up and we'll see about helping Esther and Neil into another pregnancy.

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Mandie said...

Very cute family! Aribeth is going to be one beautiful little girl! I can't wait to see her grow up!