Saturday, June 7, 2008

Evan Irwin Legacy Chapter 1.4

Hello and thank you for joining the Evan Irwin Legacy. For those of you just joining us, here's what you've missed: Evan Irwin is brothers with Aeric Irwin. Evan met his wife Kirsten in college. He graduated in, I forget now, but he graduated. Kirsten didn't finish. I didn't have the patience to wait, so they left college and started their family.

They have one daughter: Faith; and two dogs: Chase and Hope. The two dogs are working dogs and bring home their own bacon treats.

I, Sim Godess Tina, have fun playing this family, so lets get back into the groove, shall we? Evan and his family have just moved into their new home, what will they do first?

Kirsten and Faith are in the basement working out - not so much fun.

Faith is cleaning out the dog bowl - make sure you fill it up with food.
Faith: duh!

One night, an intruder makes her way to the basement. This is Evan's 2nd robber - he's just finally stopped complaining about the last memory and will now fill his thought bubbles with this newly formed memory.

Faith: whachya doin'?

Faith: *yawn* Fighting is boring
(not phased one bit)
It looks like the ocifer might get the upper hand . . . .

Robber chick: See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya!

I'd be slumping my shoulders in shame, too, if I were you!
BUT Sim Godess Tina is NOT you; I would never be in this position! You get NO comfort from me, now GTFO!

So on any night in the Evan Irwin family, this is what you'll find: It's 3:00 a.m. and Faith is sleeping - that's to be expected.

Kirsten is also sleeping . . . .

The dogs, well, they're dogs, they do whatever they damn well please. . .

But Evan? He's in the shower!
Evan: *whistle* Just whistle while you get ready for work *whistles a tune*

Kirsten sits and thinks about Evan.
Kirsten: I love Evan and his red shirt

Faith: *sputter* Fricken fracken fricken sink!
me: Wowe! Watch your tongue, Missy!

Faith: *grunt* Fricken fracken fricken treadmill
me: Yup, Sim Godess Tina feels the same way about treadmills.

Faith: *sneak* *sneak* *sneak*
Faith sneaks out with Ian Jr who . . . .

. . . . . picks her up in a LIMO! Yeah, I'd sneak out too, if a limo picked me up!
Faith: Dude, did you get the booze!
IanJr: (from inside the car) Not so loud and watch the leather!

Evan: *snore*
Kirsten: *zzzzzz*

Evan: something just doesn't feel right, I'm worried *worry* *worry*

Oops! Ocifer Friendly found you. Bad girl, whachya gonna do, whachya gonna do when they come for you?

But lucky for you, your parents are back in bed snoozing peaceful - they are none the wiser.
Faith: I'm so hungry. . . .we were tweakin . . . .I mean, we didn't go out to eat
me: mmmm-hmmmm

Faith: I can't . . . . believe the cops found us *sob* This is the worst day ever
me: oh, it can always get worse . . . I mean, there there, you'll feel better.

Faith: *sniffle* *snuffle*
me: like I was saying . . .

Faith: Who needs some fireman to rescue me! I got this!

Faith: but this toilet overflowing . . . . is . . . . . too much! *sob*

Ian Jr comes over the next day to console Faith . . . what's this? Kisses above their heads?

Kirsten: Now we're going away on vacation. We are trusting that you will go to school, do your homework and go to bed on time.
Faith: Check mate! What were you saying?


I love Evan's T-shirts in real life, I had to give him fun ones to wear in the game, too.

After checking into some hotel, the two swim in the pool for some much needed fun points.

Once the sun went down, the two were not tired and wanted to see a pirate ship. Unfortunately the dark pictures means only a coupld of pirate ship pics.

Kirsten: Argh! How's my pirate face? Argh!
me: needs a little work.

Kirsten learns the Fire Dance from a local native

How does Evan enjoy his relaxation time? In the ocean . . . .

. . . . napping in a hammock . . . . .

. . . . . and sun bathing.

Kirsten is exhausted (in the red) after learning the fire dance and gets a massage.

She decides to darken up and prove she really did go to the beach.
Kirsten: no one will believe me if I come back pasty ass white!

Kirsten: ta-da! How d'you like the tan?
me: nice and bronzy.

Evan: and my pirate face and muscles rock, too! Grrrrrrr!

Well, the vacation is almost over, but we'll let the two stay in the islands for just a little longer. When we come back to this lively bunch, we'll finish out the vacation and help Faith get to college! woohoo!
Kirsten: I'm blonde and gorgeous
Evan: grrrrrrr

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