Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cha 2.9 Orient Vacation

When last we visited the Evan Irwin Legacy, poor Evan was too old to hang on. He went to some other world to wreak havoc there, I hope. The cat, Omni, came home after a brief hiatus from the family.

It is now time to give this family a nice little vacation to the Orient.

The cab is here to collect the family.

me: Faith, you don't have bags?
Faith: of course I have bags. IanJr already loaded them up for me.



Faith: That was a long flight. I can't feel my butt.
Chastity: these head phones were a life saver

Charity looks fine after the long flight

IanJr checks the family in.
Blue Coat: heh! We have guests!

The hotel room. I think it's the same one the Aeric and Atina family stayed in way back when.

Faith and IanJr head for the spas

Chastity joins in the relaxation

Charity spins into her swim suit and will soon be relaxing, too.

Charity: I have a little desk and chair back home for me to eat my lunch on. This kneeling stuff, is a bit odd, don't you think?

Charity: come here, you little sister, you! I'll give you a noogie!

Chastity: ow, Charity! That hurt! Jerk!

Both: that was hilarious!

Room service points for one of these people.

Faith checks them out of this lagging, too slow lot.

Red Suit: Thanks for calling the Red Orient Hotel.

Charity rakes the sands of time

Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.

Faith: Hey, Sim Goddess Tina, you're funny.
me: just doing my best to stay awake during my late night shift.

Mahjong games are everywhere.

you have to run to the tables before the townie visitors take up all the chairs.

More sand combing. This time by Chastity.

The family wanders the sites of this little town

me: Charity, it's not a good idea to just start digging on some park property.
Charity: I'm looking for a map.

Chastity: you too?
Hole: *burp*

Faith: Tea for one.

Chastity finds an invisible rock - damn my graphics card to HELL!!

me: LOL! Faith, what are you doing!?
Faith: *argh* I was hit by ...
me: a smooth criminal?
Faith: No! by lightening!

Cute picture of the twins! I love it!
I still haven't decided who will be the heir.

The new hotel.
The girls are in one room and IanJr and Faith are in the next.

Chastity: I wish to be the heir.

me: hmmmmmmmm

The cute family.

Playful shot.

Cute couple alert!

Charity: shhhh, I'm gonna dump soap in this miniature fountain that no one can get to because it's blocked by shrubs, so everybody is gonna bitch that they want to see the soap in the fountain, but they won't be able to, so they'll bitch and bitch and try to flag Sim Goddess Tina down - and that's really the prank.

Faith answered the ninja's question incorrectly so no teleporting for her!

IanJr: I wish for riches.

*pling* *plink* *plink* *pling* *plink*

Chastity: My name is Chastity and I'm gonna blastity!
IanJr: Chastity is good at this rapping business.
Purple Kimono: yeah, Chas-tit-tee

Faith: we're going home today, so thanks.

Charity: awesome! I caught a fish!

IanJr: Look! I caught a fish, too!

Faith: My fish is silver.

Chastity: anybody need a boot?

The taxi is here to take you all home.

Time to send the girls to college:
Chastity: I've earned multiple scholarships and I'd like to cash those in now, please.

Faith: See ya, Chastity.
me: (no remorse?)

Chastity is off.

Charity's turn to call.

Charity: Sim Goddess Tina, I'm so excited

Faith: well, bye.

Charity: One last look at my house
Here's where we say farewell for now. Next time we'll be in college and maybe pick an heir.

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