Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cha 2.5 Wait a Minute!

It's been a while since we last checked in with the Sandy LisonB legacy. Generation two heir, Esther, is married with a daughter, Aribeth.
Last Chapter:
1. The family stalked poor infant Aribeth
2. Aribeth grew into a toddler
3. Aribeth learned to walk, talk, use the potty and she learned a nursery rhyme
4. Neil showed his true colors by pretending a fire he started wasn't his fault

We ended last chapter with Esther flagging me down.
me: yes, Esther?

Esther: What's this!?
me: looks like a pregnancy bump to me.
Esther: I'm shocked! How did this happen!?
me: uh, go talk to your mother. Sim Goddess Tina is going to play conservative and teach abstinence and not education.

me: Aribeth, what ya doing?
Aribeth: dance...

me: oh sh*t! I forgot your birthday!

Aribeth: If I praise you, will you remember my next birthday?
me: I'll try.

Aribeth: Hey! I still have five fingers!

Time for bed.

Aribeth: so my number one objective on my first day of school, is to get in with the in-crowd.
Neil: :o

me: Esther, why did you stop taking that dish to the sink?

Baker's Hat: Hi, I entered your home uninvited to tell you that you can visit the cooking lot any time. Welcome to our exclusive club.
::head on desk::
*shake my fist at Maxis*

Esther: I'm a member of the cooking club
me: I heard. Congratulations - now will you continue on with your previous task?

Aribeth plays with her dolls

Aribeth: and then the mommy tells the daddy it's time to start a family.
Esther joins Sandy in the pool

I just wanted to see the pregnancy belly in the water

Getting out of the water, Sandy let me know that she was happy with her fitness level

Esther makes chili

me: ooooo, Esther, are you okay?
Esther: I cut my finger *whimper*

Now that Sandy feels good about her fitness level, she cuddles with Ian

me: HEY, that's more than cuddling!

Aribeth makes a muffin

Aribeth: mmmmm, this muffin smells so good. I am A GENIUS!

me: Sandy, is that water? or is it vodka in a water bottle?

Sandy: let's see. . . . limeade? check. Tequila? check. Triple sec? check. Kosher salt? check

Sandy: Blend and pour. . . . .

Sandy: . . . . and drink.


Aribeth: Hi ya, Sim Goddess Tina. I see you watching me.

Aribeth: wwhhhhEEEEEEEEEEEE!

wowe, she doesn't look too happy.

oh, wait, there's a sorta-smile.

Aren: HEY, Sim Goddess Tina, you're ready to end this chapter and you haven't made ONE mention of ME!

me: pardon me, Aren, but I thought you were shy and I just wanted to respect your privacy
Aren: OH forget it! I wash my hands of you.

me: is that right? I own you! I run your life! You do as I tell you!
Aren: I'm not listening! na na na na na na na!
me: hmmmmmmmmm....I have my ways, you know.

Well, this is where we bid farewell, for now. Thanks for reading. Next time we'll watch the birth of the 2nd child in this family and hope for a better nose (cross your fingers).

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