Saturday, June 21, 2008

Evan Irwin Legacy Cha 1.5 Getting Older

Soooooooo, here we are on some Islands. Let's catch up: Evan and Kirsten went on a much needed vacation to the islands (It's a secret which islands. The Bahamas? Hawaii? I'll never tell). The vacation is winding down so it begs the question:

me: Evan, how are you feeling on the last night of your vacation?
Evan: it's awesome. (would he really ever say that?) See my big smile!?

On the last day of the vacation, Evan and Kirsten head off to the beach.
me: Kirsten, what are you doing in the sand?
Kirsten: digging for treasure, duh.
me: oh, I thought you and Evan we're going to build a sand castle together.
Kirsten: oh we will, but I have to satisfy the wants in my panel first.

Evan and Kirsten make a nice sand castle together. What a team.

Kirsten: just the finishing touch.
Evan: hurry up!

Only one of my favorite pictures!

Evan shows off his mad fire twirling skills.
Evan: it's not fire "twirling" it's a "fire dance"
me: same dif.
Evan: just give me a tip for my mad skills!

It's time to hug and kiss and do like lovers do.
Evan: Give me a five, on the side, down low. . . . . .

Here come the storm. Looks like the vacation came to an end just in the nick of time. Again, I remind you that Sim Goddess Tina rocks!

Back home: We find Hope eyeing Chase.
Hope: *growl* *grrrr* which means: you're in my spot
Chase: *growl* which means: you have your spot.
Hope: *GRRRRRRRRR* : They all belong to me!

Kirsten: So we were on the beach to make sandcastles on the last day, but I spun a want in my panel that needed to be satisfied first.
Faith: what want?
Kirsten: to dig in the sand.
Faith: and you found this bowl of perfectly shined up stones?
Kirsten: yuppers!
me: yuppers? where did that come from?

Faith: that's awesome! You didn't take them to lost and found?
Kirsten: Nope. Finders keepers!
Faith: cool *plus*

Oh, the big day has come! Time to move the generations up the line! But we'll stay young a while longer.

Evan: *doot* *do-doot*
Kirsten: what are you doing?
Evan: playing like we were back in college.
Kirsten: Sim Goddess Tina, can you give us a moment of privacy, please?
me: dude, I'm already closing my eyes as tight as I can; AND I'm plugging my ears, too! La la la la la la la

Faith: are you guys okay?
Evan: Stars . . . . spinning . . . .
Kirsten: Stamp out the twinkling stars!
Faith: you guys are freaking me out!

Evan: they're expanding up my LEGS!
Faith: calm down! It's just birthday stars!

Kirsten: it tickles! *tee hee hee*
Evan: I feel new and yet old at the same time.

Faith: hmmmmmmm, I think it's time for me to bail outta here.

Yup, off you go, Faith.

Evan all grown up - in the last stage of his life.

Kirsten all grown up.

Faith is off to college.
Faith: See ya, Sim Goddess Tina. It was nice knowing you.
me: oh, sweet pea, I'll see be there with you the whole time.
Faith: Ohhhhhh *hangs head down*

So here we leave Evan and Kirsten in the big old house by themselves with their dogs. We'll catch up to Faith and her cousins in college.
To follow the heirs through college: Heir's at University Year 1

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