Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gen3 Univ Yr4 Senioritis Sets In

Senior year has (finally) arrived. The running for the three different heirs is on.

Senior Makeovers







Of course, we begin with bubbles.

Sylviana: oooooo, pretty bubbles. They're pink. Pink. ha ha ha!

Clarissa: oh my gosh! You totally just said pink. ha ha ha ha

Christina: Woa! This tube is green. Pretttyyyyyy.

Darius: you girls are so funny!

Aribeth and Chastity dance is up

Demetrius: Ner neer neer ner neeeeerrrrr! Air guitar!

Charity: chillin' on the hammock is awesome.

ooooooo....the dare has been laid out! Game on!

Sylviana: you think I won't!? Watch this!

Sylviana: tay en dah ween!
me: LOL! I love that line!
Sylviana: titt-eees!
me: LOL!

Clarissa: *shock*

Christina: oh the horror!

Darius: OMG!
I think it's funny that he's checkin' out her goodies.

Christina: I win the bet. Told you she'd do it.

Woa! yur kinda red!

Christina: I hate it when you go, but I love to watch you leave.

will water help? (I don't have any lemons for lemonade)

Christina: I hope this works, Sim Goddess Tina, cuz I'm over-heating here.

Aribeth workin' out (and liking it)

Sylviana: OMG! Chastity, look over there!

Sylviana: check this out, Sim Goddess Tina.
me: all you're missing are your horns.

Chastity: I totally don't see anything!
Sylviana: *aim*

Sylviana: FIRE! Gotcha!

Chastity: what the deuce!?

Sylviana: It was funny, right? You thought so, right?

Chastity: Bitch, you're going down!

Syvliana: dude, I'd like to see you try and hit'll miss me by a mile!

me: LOL! ha ha ha ha ha

Evening jog

Dinner after the jog

Demetrius: um, sis?
Aribeth: zzzzzzzZZZZZZZ

Aribeth: OMG! did you see that?
Demetrius: like, oh my gosh, I'm, like, totally embarrassed right now.

Demetrius (like a second later): zzzZZZZZZ
Aribeth: uh, Dem?

Aribeth: yikes...I'd never behave that way in public.
me: hmmmmmmm

Proposal Time
Christina proposes to Johnston Bauer

Graduation Time

Aribeth: Dad! Welcome to the party!

Smustle time

(Esther stares off into space)

Senior picture

And now it's time to announce the Heir Runners Up:

Out of contention was Sylviana. Sorry!
Sylviana: see you bitches...don't call me to babysit unless you want me to teach your kids to cheat and throw water balloons.

Sandy LisonB Legacy Runner Up #1:
I like you, kid, but you're a family sim, and I want something a bit different the next round.
Sandy LisonB Legacy Runner Up #2:
You are FUN to play, but you never had a chance, buddy. Sorry.

Aeric/Atina Legacy Runner Up #1:
You just didn't stand out in the crowd. Sorry!

Evan/Kirsten Legacy Runner Up #1:
You needed to be way more social to be considered for this role. Sorry!

The Three Heirs Are:
Aeric/Atina Legacy: Christina

Evan/Kirsten Legacy: Chastity

Sandy LisonB Legacy: Aribeth
There you have it. I look forward to playing the next round: Generation 4!

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The Lunar Fox said...

Aw... too bad you got rid of the boys. They were both cuties!

But yay for the winners. Go make some babies!