Saturday, June 21, 2008

Aeric/Atina Legacy Cha 1.5 Moving On Up

Welcome back to Aeric and Atina's legacy. We are on generation two and in the middle of a nice vacation to the orient. We left off as the family was arriving to visit the wise old man. Will he tell them the tale of the maiden who meets her knight in shining armor? Let's find out, shall we?

Atina with her daughter Belle. Aren't they cute?

The family portrait: Aeric, Atina, Belle, Braxton, Bastion

Braxton, Belle and Bastion

Braxton, Aeric, Bastion

Belle in front of a meditation garden

Bastion and Braxton show their toughness.

Learning of the Dragon Tale.
Wise Old Man: and the mother screamed a most horrific, blood curdling scream as her child was taken by the yelping masked bandits.
Belle: *gasp*
Atina: oh, my goodness, me oh my.

Aeric and Atina - they know they're headed into old age and are trying to live it up before it happens.

Aeric: mu-wah, mu-wah, mu-wah!
Atina: Oh, Aeric!

Belle: caught ya spying on me, Sim Goddess Tina!

Belle: check mate, Scoundral
Scoundral: wrong game, Chickie.
Belle: one, two, three! I win. Now pay up, Sucka!

Belle: so are we going home on a train, Dad?
Aeric: :o A plane is the fastest way. Maybe next time we can take a tour on the train.

Time to go home. Of course, Atina is no where to be found! Girlie better get on it.

Belle: I don't want to go. Maybe if I just stand here, the van will just disappear. There is no van.
me: This isn't the Matrix. Get in the van, please.

Oh, look! Atina found her bags and will not miss her flight after all.

I don't have the shot, but here we see that Bastion has made it to college.
me: Bastion, how's you first week going?
Bastion: there is so much homework!

me: Aeric, what ya doin'?
Aeric: making a kite for future generations....
...and to build up my toy making skills.
me: You seem eager to have grand kiddies.
Aeric: you told me to make the kite. I'm making the kite, okay.
me: it looks great. Keep up the skilling!

me: Atina, what are YOU doing?
Atina: I am making a robot. I love building my mechanical skills and as soon as you load up Free Time, you'll find that I love to 'tinker'
me: note to self, get Free Time installed ASAP.

me: Braxton, you appear to be skilling up on mechanical
Braxton: You told me it will help me with college, so I'm skilling up.
me: great job. I'll make sure we get you a cute girlfriend.
Braxton: whatever.

me: Belle, why aren't you skilling like the rest of the family?
Belle: because I . . . . . oh, hi, is Bobby there?
me: excuse me, I'm trying to have a conversation with you.
Belle: Shhhhhh, Sim Goddess Tina, I'm trying to go out, okay. Like, oh my gosh, stop with the interruptions.

Belle: *tip* *toe* *tip* *toe* *sneak* *sneak* *sneak*

Well, we'll let you go off with your friend and when we come back, we'll find out if you made it safely home.

In the meantime, lets catch up with the Heir's at University Year 1

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